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Installing a stripper clip guide on the Mini-14?

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Would it be possible to install a stripper clip guide on the Mini-14, sort of like what is on the M1A/M14? I think it would be cool to use 10 rd. AR-15 strippers as an alternitive to having a bunch of expensive magazines.
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They do make a special stripper-clip guide for mini-14 mags,and they look VERY much like the m-16 ones! They are fairly easy to find (for sale),and I have one,I just can't seem to find it at this moment. They only cost a couple bucks,and use the m-16 stripper-clips to feed the mini-14 mag.

I'll look around a little at some of the sites I buy from and see if I can locate one and I'll report back!!


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Originally posted by bushwack
quadfan---I think they were talking about one more in line with the guide on an M-14, which is just forward of the rear sight & allows stripper loading right into the magazine while the magazines is still in the rifle. Comes in very handy when reloading magazines after a firefight.

Yep, It looks like you're right,I think they are talking about an SKS-type stripper guide,and I don't know of one of those types. The only ones I know of are used with the mags out of the gun.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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