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I first encountered Indpendance ammo when I was having some major Fails on a kimber ultra 1911... i thought I was having ectractor, springs etc problems...I'd take it into the local shop and the smith would work on it, test fire and hand it back to me saying it was running great... i'd take it out in my back yard and jammomatic!! i was getting really fed up..then on the 3rd visit he asked me what brand ammo i was shooting.. i told him the range stuff was just walmart winchester white box..same as i'd always used in my 3rd gen smiths etc with no issues other than dirty guns at the end of the day.

he recommended I try the shops's cheap range stuff... Independance..after firing the box of 50 with flawless performance i was amazed that my gun was suffering from walmart-i-tis ammo...yeah, iknow..tight short frame 1911...but my point is..the Independance stuff became my standard range ammo for the next couple years as it was readily available and priced right.
I'm guessing 1200rds of 45, bout the same 9mm and even some 40cal in there...always ran great.
when Sandy hook hit and the ammo shelves dried up, I seldom saw Independance again...there's still a "few" boxes in my closet and I'm glad to have it.
I don't currently own an AR15 platform, but i can tell you that my old mini 14 ranch rifle has never had an issue with the stuff...course that rifle would try to cycle marbles if you fed it...sorry to hear about the damage..glad you didn't get injurred
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