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IMI "Black-tip" 9mm Load
- This is brand new ammo. Brass cased, boxer primed, and non-corrosive and fully re-loadable.
- The ammo is 115 grain FMJ and is Nato color coded with a Black head to identify it as a +P (Subgun load).
- This is preferred ammo for Glock Owners and Uzi owners. It will also function in all well constructed 9mm weapons.
- Packed in 50 rnd boxes and 1000 rounds to a case.
- Cost is $189.95/1000 Delivered or $99.95/500 rounds delivered.
- We have also received the "blue-tip" 158 grain subsonic 9mm load for suppressed weapons.
- Call Toll free @ 888-264 -9625 , fax to 270-622-3757 or e-mail. Regular office phone is #270-622-3569.
- All ordering info at our site.

Bob Lippman-Cole Distributing
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