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To our Most Valued Customers:

We have the following IMI Ammunition in stock and ready for delivery. Check out the list and for complete pricing , spec’s , and other information , please visit our website. You will also find that most products have a jpg photo so you can look at the ammo. For those of you who wish more details , open the IMI catalog or ballistic information section at our site. This ammo is all brand new and it is Boxer primed , brass cased , non-corrosive , and fully re-loadable. The following is in stock now…
-M-855 62 grain 223 “ss-109”
-50 A&E 300grJHP
-9mm 115gr JHP “diecut”
-9mm 115gr FMJ +P “blacktip”
-9mm 158 gr FMJ “sub-sonic” Bluetip
-45 acp 230 gr ball fmj
-45 acp 185 gr JHP
-.223 62 grBluetip Sub-sonic fmj-bt reduced load
-44 mag 240 gr JHP
-50BMG m-33 Ball
-40 S&W 180gr fmj “cone shaped”

All ordering info at our site. Toll free at 888-264-9625. All major credit cards accepted. Where shipping is involved please call the office for an exact quote.
Please check out our Internet Specials section for new arrivals and largest selection of 30.06 ammo around.

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So what?? I am still looking for IMI 9mm die cut 110gr up . If you can not help you need not reply. Thanks Ben
Ok here's some help then. Here's their website.

Or you could have called the number in his original post.

Bumping a 9 year old ad hoping the OP will see it isn't the best way to get their attention. Especially when the OPs last visit was
Last Activity: 07-15-2002 22:54
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