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Hi Everyone,
My name is Joseph and I'm new here.
I'm the owner of a new ecommerce site BigDArmory and wanted to introduce myself.
We are a family owned and operated small business located in North Dallas, Texas.
We are NRA Business Alliance members and big supporters of the second amendment!
I wanted to bring the online ecommerce culture to the firearms industry. Although there are many websites out there that, like us, sell firearms accessories, ammunition and such we felt that there is a real need to step it up a notch.
We want to be the best in customer service, maintaining accurate inventory levels and deliver quality products while keeping the prices in a reasonable level. Look forward for our promotions, coupons and coming soon we'll have a free membership club where you can earn points for your purchases and redeem them for products on our site!

If I can be of any assistance, regardless if you are a current customer, please don't hesitate to contact me.
We also welcome your questions, suggestions and ideas.
Have a great day,
AR15 parts & Accessories | Rifle Accessories | Ammunition & Reloading | AK47 Accessories | Knives |
[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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