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I think this is gonna start a new thread, sorry

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Jeff, I started out with Contender pistols a long time ago....After I started with Encore pistols I decided to try some carbine barrels to see how they shot against my Browning 1885 and Ruger #1...

I like them both ways....I have never fired a Contender in carbine configuration, I like them too much as pistols......Although I gotta admit that a 7-30 Waters carbine might be entertaining....

I got way too many Contenders and Encores and barrels an stuff to even pretend that I don't think they're swell.....


By the way, the most accurate barrel I own is a 14" Contender barrel in 30-30 Ackly Improved.....It outshoots my Bullberry 30-40 Krag and most everything else I own....
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Well look what I found. Y'all got a couch I can lay on cause I got a illness ( contender-encore idis ). It's just like acoholism, when you try to quit and all your friends are still drinking you just can't quit. You fellas aren't helping my problem any. Let's see what I've got is ( I'm gonna count my two son's cause theys in my safe and I paid for im) 6 ss encore frames, 8 barrels 24" 7-08, 26" 7mag, 3- 209x50, 15" 7-08, 15" 308, 15" 223. 1 contender frame ( not nearly enough) 7-30 waters 14" hunter, 223 14" hunter, and 10" 22match. Been thinking about a 21" 7tcu ever since I saw Cisco's. What do y'all think about the 7tcu? Y'all help me out fellas. I don't need to quit, I just need cheap barrels and frames. AND I NEED THEM NOW. Thanks for being here for me.
gw(and w)
Splendid, he didn't say a thing about tha illness. He just opened up that gunroom door and said LOOK AT ALL THESE PRETTY GUNS. That old dog does have some nice stuff. Think I'm gonna start the adoption process so he'll be my pa and he can leave it all to me.:D
I remember that pawn shop downtown. Back then I couldn't afford $10 for a gun, was trying to keep Russell in milk and diapers.
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