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I think this is gonna start a new thread, sorry

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Jeff, I started out with Contender pistols a long time ago....After I started with Encore pistols I decided to try some carbine barrels to see how they shot against my Browning 1885 and Ruger #1...

I like them both ways....I have never fired a Contender in carbine configuration, I like them too much as pistols......Although I gotta admit that a 7-30 Waters carbine might be entertaining....

I got way too many Contenders and Encores and barrels an stuff to even pretend that I don't think they're swell.....


By the way, the most accurate barrel I own is a 14" Contender barrel in 30-30 Ackly Improved.....It outshoots my Bullberry 30-40 Krag and most everything else I own....
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Contenderitis is a dreadful disease and Encoreitis is as bad or worse. Best as I can recall I now have 32 barrels not counting the 5 480 Encore barrels I bought to trade. I have a few that are "different" like a 7 1/2" 50-70 Contender barrel and a 376 Steyr Encore pistol barrel.
Splendid, that is well,...splendid shooting. That cheap pistol scope that KYODE mentions above sounds like a good one from all that I have read. have the NcStar 2-7X32 for about $38. I'm going to order a couple and try em out.
That 22-250 handgun should be just right for exploding possums on the half shell.
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