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I think this is gonna start a new thread, sorry

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Jeff, I started out with Contender pistols a long time ago....After I started with Encore pistols I decided to try some carbine barrels to see how they shot against my Browning 1885 and Ruger #1...

I like them both ways....I have never fired a Contender in carbine configuration, I like them too much as pistols......Although I gotta admit that a 7-30 Waters carbine might be entertaining....

I got way too many Contenders and Encores and barrels an stuff to even pretend that I don't think they're swell.....


By the way, the most accurate barrel I own is a 14" Contender barrel in 30-30 Ackly Improved.....It outshoots my Bullberry 30-40 Krag and most everything else I own....
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Well,I guess I ain't got Contender-itis as bad as you boys.

All I got is one frame and three barrels-a 10 inch octogon 221 Fireball,a 14 inch 357 Maximum and a 12 inch Hunter in 45/70.

That Fireball will shoot 1/2 inch all day if I'm having a good day (which is rare now with my neck being so bad-it gives me the shakes).The Maximum will do about MOA,and I never wasted time working up a load with the 45/70.Dumped some Re7 in it and topped it with some Hornady 300 grain HPs and it shot 2 1/2 inches at 100 yards which is more than fine for me for that big of pistolgun.

Gonna do some deer huntin with the 45/70 barrel this year,mostly cuz I can walk down the street to my new favorite huntin spot with it in a shoulder holster and nobody'll know.Gonna have to use a bike with a scabbard on it for usin a riflegun,and I doan like that none no.

I doan know WHUT I'm gonna do ifn I actualy kill sumptin back there.Them BMW drivin' Democraps will upchuck their lattes ifn they see me walkin down the street with an old dead buck slung over my shoulders.

Hey,that's an idea.......:D

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