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I think this is gonna start a new thread, sorry

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Jeff, I started out with Contender pistols a long time ago....After I started with Encore pistols I decided to try some carbine barrels to see how they shot against my Browning 1885 and Ruger #1...

I like them both ways....I have never fired a Contender in carbine configuration, I like them too much as pistols......Although I gotta admit that a 7-30 Waters carbine might be entertaining....

I got way too many Contenders and Encores and barrels an stuff to even pretend that I don't think they're swell.....


By the way, the most accurate barrel I own is a 14" Contender barrel in 30-30 Ackly Improved.....It outshoots my Bullberry 30-40 Krag and most everything else I own....
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My Stash is an old frame contender with octogen barrels:
22, 222, 30-30, & 44 mag with shotshell cutter. Have three or two boxes of the original contender shot shells. They have the price on them of 5.95 a box. Doan think they make um any more.

Then the new frame with carbine barrels:
21" 22 Match and 21" 30-30. Love both of them. Shoot squirrels with the match-still using iron sights.

Then one collectors item:
30 harriet (SH087) one of five hundred-not for firing. Jeff has seen this one. He tried to steal the wood.

One encore: 25-06 and 50 cal 209 in long barrels
Extra set of wood furniture for regular barrel-doan have the barrel yet and doan know what it will be either.
One 15"22-250 barrel
one 10" 7mm-08

Now here is the problem: I need another encore frame and some hand grips etc to shoot the pistola barrels and then I will need all the other stuff necessary like rings, mounts and all the other stuff.

I am not in the class with you two, but I been around longer than yall have and these are good guns to live with.

Knew there was some talk about a new forum, but did not know it was in existance until I went slumming this mourning. Shame on yall for not letting anyone know. Homer is an addict also, have yall told him or have I not read far enough yet.
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There is not cure for all I want. My little 21" match barrel does the aiming when I am shooting tree rats. First time out got 4 for 4 in the head. Next time out 7 for 8 with one shot. The last one was running, but we got um. Now, I know this is shooting like Jeff so it must be the rifle doing the shooting and not me. It will make an expert out of a amature. I do probably have all the contedner stuff, now it is off to the Encore business.

Gonna have me one of them little 22-250 hand gunnies as soon as all the parts are assembled.

1. Cisco is holding my frame
2. Have the barrel and scope base
3. Need Tasco Rings-Black Prince gave me some, but they on the 25-06 barrel with the Veri X II scopey I got from him.
4. Have Tasco Scope the Black Prince provided me on the 22 10".
5. Gotta go to ED's and get some grips and a forarm.
6. Buy some ammo and sight it in.

Practice Practice Practice ifins it is a keeper!!!!!
Rubber Grips and Forarm are due to be shipped from ED's Tuesday. Purchased the ammo today. As soon as I get to Pair of Dice which I think will be next week end, then I will pick up the frame from Cisco. Should be ready to go. Praying the barrel is a shooter.
I must not be as affluent as you are, but I am trying to keep my sanity. The only way I have been able to accomplish that is by obtaining more of the the good stuff: Encore barrels etc. Have all the Contender items that i will ever need. Fixing to purchase a nice scope for the Contender Carbine barrel "30-30" and then I will slow down for a while. Each time the illness hits me, I have to start my medicine over again. If I was you, I would place all the blame as JD Hinton's. Did he notify you of the illness? Did he not explain what happens to a person when he has the illness? It is all his fault in your case!! I have had mine since Big Buck was a pawn shop down on the low side of town and Charlie could hardly pronounce the work Contender. Bought my first one there with BP looking on for a whole $105.00 including tax. It is a pre 1980 in the ole style and it has four barrels to support it. (22, 222, 44 mag with shot shell, and 30-30) Also, have 2 and a partial box of shot shell ammo made by Thomson of which they do not produce any more. It will take another page to list the newer frames and the stuff that goes with them.
Later: Can never catch up with Cisco, he has all the toys.
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I could not either, but BP was my leader and was prodding me on. I had a little construction company and Charlie wrote it up as a power nail gun. I could not justify spending that kind of money at the time. You could buy a ruger blackhawk for $65.00 and it shot 6 times. I could not believe what I paid for the thing and then it shot above my wildest expectations. Who could believe a handgun could shoot that good. Then when you see Jeff, you just do not know what to believe. HEeeeeeeeee.

Later: Splendid Ha Ha
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