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I think this is gonna start a new thread, sorry

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Jeff, I started out with Contender pistols a long time ago....After I started with Encore pistols I decided to try some carbine barrels to see how they shot against my Browning 1885 and Ruger #1...

I like them both ways....I have never fired a Contender in carbine configuration, I like them too much as pistols......Although I gotta admit that a 7-30 Waters carbine might be entertaining....

I got way too many Contenders and Encores and barrels an stuff to even pretend that I don't think they're swell.....


By the way, the most accurate barrel I own is a 14" Contender barrel in 30-30 Ackly Improved.....It outshoots my Bullberry 30-40 Krag and most everything else I own....
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Wal I ain't got me onena them dern thangs cuz I heard they won't shoot fer schmitt . . .

Onena them French made abroluettes thangs I mean.

But I gotta .357 Herrett, 10 inch factory TC barrel that shoots pretty good for an old fart that can't see. An I gotta 10 inch 22 RF barrel that'll outshoot most rifles and thass a fact. I gotta little Leupold 2 power scope on it so's I can aim it. But my pride and joy is bulit on a Contender frame that Splendid gave me. It's a TC 21 inch carbine barrel, match chambered for the .22 RF. It's gotta nice American walnut factory TC butt and fore stock and the butt stock is thumb hole. TC made these in the custom shop until it burned but then never made them afterwards. It'sa squirrel killing machine and if I could jiss see, I could kill a sack full of'em right offa the front porch at Pair-A-Dice. Kilt six wiff six shots lass time I tried it down there but I hadda walk out inna woods to do it dang it.

But I doan know if these TC's is gonna be around long boys. They may be jiss a passing fad. I remember shooting them back about 1974 or 5 and everybody tole me then that they wuz jiss a fad and they wouldn't lass. I think thass about tha time Splendid took out a second mortgage on his house and bought his furss one. He's been grinning ever since then too.

Y'all need to get him to tell y'all about a beaver he kilt with his 44 magnum TC. It wuz a beaver that ate his Cypress tree down at Camp Pair-A-Dice. It'sa good story and he needs to tell y'all.

Oh yeah, and he sleeps wiff a Contender too. Jiss thought y'all would wanna know that.
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It ain't really here JD. You are seeing things.

Splendid, tell these boys about shooting that dang beaver with your Contender . You know, the beaver that came outta the creek and ate down your cypress tree at camp. Thass a good story. An doan leave anything out.
Well, you could do that but the blue one is really better. Those red ones like you have always break and besides that, they smell bad. Or maybe they don't but something around you does. Maybe if you hung it upside down in the tree that wouldn't happen? :p :p
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