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I plan on buying a Mini-14, but...

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I plan on buying a Mini-14, but I shoot left handed. Is there any problem with escaping gasses or the case being ejected? I own a couple of right hand pump actions guns and have no problems with the case being ejected. Any other left hand shooters out there that own a Mini?
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Thats good news! Thank you for the info mikr.
I was leaning toward buying the ranch because it comes with scope base and rings. Are there different shooting characteristics between the regular mini-14 and the ranch? Any other differences?
Thanks for the info everyone, I'm going to buy one this weekend. I hope to get out and shoot it right away, but we're suppose to get some more snow this weekend. Regular, ranch, blued, or stainless??? I'll let ya's know.
I ended up getting a regular mini-14, SS with wood stock. There was a small chip in the end of the stock, so I got it for the same price as the blued model. Also picked up a couple of different brands of ammo, to see what shoots better in it. Just waiting for the snow to stop! :D
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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