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Hello there, I was wondering if I was getting a good price on my Thompson Center barrels, for my web site.
I get them for the price listed, and I usually add 10- 15 percent (verses the average retail of 50-60%) plus shipping
to the location that buys it for items over $200 dollars. Ive' never sold these barrels before and wanted some
advice on the pricing. I haven't got much time for research. I want to make a little profit but I aslo want to be
fair to the purchaser and keep the markup low. Are my prices going to be in the range that you would buy it
if you were in the market or is my supplier a little too high and I should try getting them somewhere else?
TC4976 T/C ENCORE BBL 7MM-08 15" STS $211.93 2
TC4978 T/C ENCORE BBL 308 15" STS $211.93 4
TC4970 T/C ENCORE BBL 223 15" STNLS $211.93 3
TC4234 T/C ENCORE BBL 20GA 26" BL RS 20GA275 $209.28 6
TC1761 T/C ENCORE BBL 22HORNET 15" BL AS $192.73 4
TC4405 T/C CONT BBL 223REM 14" BL AS N/A $188.25 3
TC4462 T/C CONT BBL 17HMR 14" BL AS $198.96 225
TC4502 T/C CONT BBL 30/30 14" BL AS N/A $188.25 5
TC4508 T/C CONT BBL 44MAG 14" BL AS N/A $188.25 4
TC4527 T/C CONT BBL 7-30WATERS 14" BL AS N/A $188.25 2
TC4531 T/C CONT BBL 22LR MATCH 14" BL AS $186.12 2
TC4725 T/C CONT BBL 45/410 10" BULL VR ST N/A $191.99 1
TC4851 T/C CONT CARBINE BBL 17HMR 21" BL AS $207.40 7
TC4218 T/C CONT BBL 22LR MATCH 14" STNLS AS $218.59 3
TC4219 T/C CONT BBL 45/410 14" BULL VR STS N/A $236.20 2

An example of the markup would be the first barrel:
TC4976 T/C ENCORE BBL 7MM-08 15" STS - $211.93 2 + 15 percent= $243.72 +shipping
Is that a good price? Or should I consider another supplier. I thought I would ask the experts .

Thanks for any help.
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