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I am an idiot!!!

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Hi all, I just wanted to check in and share my frustration with Ruger. I made a post last August about an extraction problem with my Mini-14. Dave3006 warned me to just demand another rifle. He had the same model and the same exact extraction problems. I didn't think I had the leverage to make such demands at the time. Well now nine months later, I could have saved myself the same headaches. But instead, I have sent my Mini in 3 three times and Ruger's lame service department has returned it to me three times. But I still have the same extraction problems when the barrel heats up (after 30 rounds). It's with Ruger for the fourth time now. I have a feeling, my experience will be the same as Dave's. Send it in four times and finally demand a new rifle. I should have listened to Dave. I am an idiot!!!

Who knows, maybe I am the sap who bought Dave's original rifle that Ruger never figured out how to repair. Seems more likely there was a batch of Stainless Minis out there that were screwed up from the factory.
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Sorry to here about your trouble,Ive had good service from Ruger other than being told different things by different employee's.A guy on another forum works for Ruger,and speaks highly of the pride put into their other guns.But claims Ruger uses different tooling on the production line for the Mini-14.He claims Ruger could not afford to buy all new tooling and make every gun to the exact specs and sale the gun for the price range its in.I believe the guy because he knows it all about Ruger Products?Hope things work out for ya!

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