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I am an idiot!!!

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Hi all, I just wanted to check in and share my frustration with Ruger. I made a post last August about an extraction problem with my Mini-14. Dave3006 warned me to just demand another rifle. He had the same model and the same exact extraction problems. I didn't think I had the leverage to make such demands at the time. Well now nine months later, I could have saved myself the same headaches. But instead, I have sent my Mini in 3 three times and Ruger's lame service department has returned it to me three times. But I still have the same extraction problems when the barrel heats up (after 30 rounds). It's with Ruger for the fourth time now. I have a feeling, my experience will be the same as Dave's. Send it in four times and finally demand a new rifle. I should have listened to Dave. I am an idiot!!!

Who knows, maybe I am the sap who bought Dave's original rifle that Ruger never figured out how to repair. Seems more likely there was a batch of Stainless Minis out there that were screwed up from the factory.
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Dude. I feel for you. Hope is not lost. I negotiate for a living. It is what I do. They have not won this battle until you decide they have won.

My advice is to go as high up in the organization as possible. You might have to sound REALLY pissed off to get their attention. Don't swear or anything else. However, they need to feel your resolve. At a minimum, you want to be talking to the manager at least 3-4 levels up from the monkey that answers the phone. Don't stop this process until you get what you want or you have old man Ruger's dead body in your living room.

The fact that it has been back so many times is the precise leverage you need. This is a battle of wills. Document everything at get this to upper management. In essense, you want to make them give you a new rifle to make you go away.

My new rifle has not had one malfunction in thousands of rounds. I shoot Wolfe ammo too. It was worth the effort.

Good luck.
Ditto on the firm, but polite approach. I was appalled at the POOR attitude from the customer service people. They tried to blame me, the ammo, my cleaning, and the mags. It helped to speak to the actual technician evaluating the weapon. The guy I spoke to was great. Get his name and use it in the letters you send to upper management as leverage explaining that you are going the extra mile. Also, put in your letter how much money you have spent on trips to the range, ammo, and shipping solving this problem. Itemize it and get it to upper management.

I was in utter disbelief that every time they shipped the rifle back stating that they could not find the problem. I put in BOLD letters not to ship it back without calling me if this happened. They never called.

Bottom line, most of the people at the bottom of bureaucratic organizations really don't care. Some do. However, they are the exception.

Good luck. Never quit.
One more thing. You have to demand a new gun. Nothing else is acceptable. You don't trust this gun anymore. You have to tell them how to fix the problem and make you go away. Be specific.
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