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So here's how the gun sat a few days ago. (please excuse my semi-poor fitment of the Grip Safety, it was my first)

But then I pull it out to go shooting and I see this on the Mainspring?? Pretty poor stainless when it rusts after about 2mo of storage and wiped down with CLP. I had seen a bit earlier but polished it out. It came back worse.

So I went looking for a new mainspring, and came across this ed brown piece and thought it would match nice with the grips. While the old one with the magwell looked and fit well, it was not a great match to the bottom of the grips or the frame magwell.

I am very happy with how it turned out, and my fitment is a much better job then I did with the safety. I had to trim down the corners of the frame a bit, which I did with a small file. I then sanded the bottom plain and the corner for a smooth fit. I then polished all worked surfaces. I plan to have the bead-blasted areas cleaned up in the future, but for now, that is not avail.

A bit of extra grip doesn't hurt either.



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Man THAT is one sharp looking 1911, LOVE the grips, looks like something Arnold would carry in a Terminator flick, sorry to hear about the creeping crud problem though !

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added some stainless to my blued 3.25" 12 rd. 1911
the Kimber "Ultra Carry" recoil system included a bushing that supports the barrel at the bushings front and rear, as opposed to the totally unsupporting stock ATI bushing.

below the barrel was simply an empty space with the stock bushing.......
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