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Check out the deer camp and make sure no vandals have tore anything up during the off season. Sometimes people will go to the camp and mess with stuff. One year a couple of sets of antlers were stolen, another year a shed was broke into and a chainsaw was stolen.

Scout the area where you want to hunt. With the drought this year, any place there is a waterhole will probably be a good location.

Oak trees - I am wondering how the drought is going to affect this years acorn crop.

Sight the rifle in. I need to get a scope mounted and fire off a few rounds pretty soon.

Get a new fishing and hunting license after August 31st.

Check the deer stands and make sure all of the wasp are gone.

Spend sometime on the treadmill so that I can walk the hills during the winter.

Get my cold weather clothing out and look it over.

At the end of October I need to pull my pit to the deer camp so we can cook on the opening weekend. Some of the guys will bring a roast, brisket, ribs, or even get a wild hog and cook up a huge meal on the first weekend of rifle season.
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