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humidity and reloading

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I am new to reloading and was wondering how the humidity would affect the charge. I was thinking of reloading today, but since I live in a humid area and it is a wet day, I hesitate to do so. Would this affect my load?
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I've noticed that after a loading session if I leave the powder in the hopper for a couple / few days, when I come back to load more the scale shows the charge weights to be heavy as compared to the setting I had. I concluded humidity to blame.

I empty my hoppers now after loading just to be sure no suprises. I've started taking temp. and humidity reading at range when trying out new loads, and reconfirming established (for me) loads. Nothing conclusive so far has fell out of the recordings I've made but time may show something.
The Humidity readings I've been taking at the range have to do with possible different points of impact at extended ranges with varying humidities. Maybe. Another shooter I know who shoots High Power (and is trying to get me in it) says that it makes a difference. Since I have the equipment cause I'm into HVAC, I figured why not? I used to just take one of those digital pocket/probe type thermometers but lately have taken the humidity sensing stuff also. It might be awhile before anything could be gleaned from this info cause it means many trips to range with same load for different humidity days. Probably really needs machine rested to be valid. Which I dont have, but every little bit of info helps and its just one more thing to write down..

Temperature is important also. There's a temperature / pressure relationship that says if temp goes up, so does pressure (Basic a/c stuff.) I had a close call with this once, I loaded up some pretty hot 44 Mags for my Redhawk and tested them at 40 deg F. (ambiant) and they were great with no pressure signs and gravity ejection of empty cases. My father in law was visiting and was out of ammo so I gave him some of that ammo. His Redhawk was identical to mine so I figured it would be OK, his being a Ruger also and that they werent absolutly max anyway. He took the ammo to chicago but before shooting it he moved to Florida and took it shooting in 90 to 95 deg weather down there. He had seriously hard extraction of the first 6 shots. He didnt shoot no more. I immediately realised what it was and got the rest of the ammo back from him. I dont leave ammo in the vehicle anymore either. Oh I did shoot the rest of it up here in the cool mountains and no problemo... :2guns:
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