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humidity and reloading

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I am new to reloading and was wondering how the humidity would affect the charge. I was thinking of reloading today, but since I live in a humid area and it is a wet day, I hesitate to do so. Would this affect my load?
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Thanks for the links. I emailed hodgden and they said it would not affect it. I know that it will affect black powder, since I do a lot of black powder shooting. I did not know about smokeless powder.
I hunt with black powder in all kinds of weather, but I don't use anything but black powder. I don't like pyrodex. Never had a problem, but I use speed loaders that are water tight and load at home. But if you don't keep it sealed, it will absorb water from the humidity and will not fire. I was at the range once with some old powder that was damp from not being sealed. 3 of 6 rounds fired, tried the other 3 with magnum primers without success. Had to pull the ball on 3 cylinders. Opened a fresh can and it worked fine.

The reason military rounds are sealed is that they might be submersed in water. Makes them more dependable. At least that is what the ordinance people told us in Nam. I am certain that if the cartridge partially filled with water, they would not fire.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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