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Huge Sale G1 and Imbel kits

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G1 or Imbel kit for $99.99 get two or more $89.99 Wow what a sale ! Ask for Ken for these special deals.TAPCO Inc is distributing the following FAL kits. These were priced by the owners to sell fast and give you the very best deal on these collectable parts. At these prices, we expect to be out of these parts soon. Please keep in mind that these parts were once a military rifle, they are used, and are not being sold or implied to be new or like new. If you want like new parts kits, go somewhere else. If you want a truly excellent value on FAL parts kits, this is where you want to be. 1. Includes all parts except the receiver and magazine 2. Condition will vary; all are in working condition 3. Expect finish wear, dented/bent hand guards & dust cover. 4. Bi-pods could be bent or need adjusting. 5. Wood stock may have cracks or repairs. 6. Grips will vary, plastic or wood. Wood grips may show cracks or repairs 7. Bore is nice and shiny. 8. All parts are in useable condition, but metal may have some external rust/stains. 9. G1 comes with flash hider, blank firing adapter, & grenade launcher. 10. Hand picks are available for $20.00 (includes parts free washing) use part # HP20 11. Have your kit washed for $5.00 use part # PW5 We have carefully checked and verified the contents by visual inspection and weight to ensure that you have received everything intended. However, if you find a discrepancy, you have 30 days from the invoice date to make one claim. The low margins set forth on these parts will not allow anything more. We have made every attempt to describe these parts in their average condition, so let's be fair to both of us. These kits are priced accordingly to give you an excellent value. These kits are not new, nor are represented in our advertising as new. Please keep your expectations in perspective with the quality you have received versus the small investment you have made.

Ken Ward
[email protected]
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That's a great deal, folks.
I just wish that the serial numbered component were a lower receiver, not an upper! That way I could have multiple uppers for my single (registered CA assault weapon) StG-58.
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