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An oldie but a goodie…


How To Tell That A Pickup is Company Owned

It's easy. Company trucks are different from personal trucks, in these ways:

Company trucks travel faster in all gears.

They accelerate much faster than personal trucks, leaving tire marks on pavement.

They enjoy a much shorter braking distance, leaving more tire marks.

They can take bumps at twice the speed of private trucks. They also can go places where personal vehicles can't. Special tires give it the ability to go over curbs and through open fields and bar ditches.

Company trucks are maintenance free. Never need water, usually run hot and only need oil changes every 100,000 miles. They can be driven for miles with the oil light flashing.

Their floors are shaped like ash trays, and accommodate milk cartons, coke cans, and leftover food wrappers. The floor is also a special compartment for spare parts that have missed getting to the jobsite.

Company trucks are equipped with special radios that can be turned up to eliminate alarming engine noises.

Company trucks are painted with special paint that never requires washing or waxing. The body of the company truck is inflicted with several "wounds, bumps, and abrasions." All of which were inflicted by the same person, "Not me."


From Advantage, Eastern Oklahoma ABC

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250, As I said on the other site, 40x in 222Mag riding stock down in middle of front seat, an xp100 riding in the passenger seat, various rests and sandbags riding in floorboard in back! A few pieces of company literature in the back seat!! That way when I get done my appointed duties I don't have to go home and switch trucks!! I change the oil and rotate tires as if I was making the payments because I appreciate the fact that they think enough of me to give me use of this vehicle!!! You want to get me PO'd! Use a piece of my machinery and use it without regard to looks, safety and general stupidity!!! Yes I do have machinery besides the guns!! 4555 JD, 7210 JD, 1470 MOCO, 3970forage harvester and about 10 more that if I didn't have I could have a heckuva gun collection!!! GHD
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