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How to grip a small 1911

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I am using a Kimber Ultra Carry CDP and while training the aluminum checkered back strap is digging into the pinky side of my palm and after 500 rounds it almost digs a hole in that cushioned side of the palm.

My question is, should I train the grip to go into the seam of the palm, have a softer back strap installed or just shut up and take it like a man?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated (except the "shut up..." part) as well as offers to take this gun off my hands for a Glock 30 + other gun.

Thanks in advance,

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gun for nearly all their practice firing. That saves the wear and tear and fouling on the carry gun. It doesn't matter if the practice gun breaks,or is filthy. So you dont have to waste so much time cleaning it after every session at the range. Make it a 9mm, alloy Commander or compact, for the cheaper ammo. You wont regret it.
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