380 ACP ammo is nearly impossible to find. As 380 ACP pocket guns continue to sell at an unprecedented rate, so does the 380 ACP ammo that feeds them. Folks end up with self-defense handguns they can't use. This article will help you find what you need. We'll share our sources for getting 380 ACP ammo for self-defense and range work. We'll explain why 380 ACP ammo is so hard to get, and by the time you finish reading this article you ought to be able to get those elusive and badly needed 380 ACP rounds.

380 ACP ammo feeds popular pocket handguns such as the Ruger LCP, Sig Sauer P232, Walther PPK, Micro Desert Eagle and the Kahr Arms P380. Prior to the dazzling rise of 380 ACP pocket guns, most people who wanted or needed a small pocket handgun would get a 38 Special revolver. Those who wanted extra power got the 357 Magnum ones, and the 380 ACP was in fairly low demand, feeding backup guns such as the Walther PPK and Sig Sauer P232. At one point all that changed. People wanted a convenient pocket handgun that would be easy to conceal and carry.

Since the Ruger LCP hit the market back in 2008, its sales continue to break records every week. Because of its success other arms makers rushed to supply the demand of 380 ACP pocket guns. It appears that any 380 ACP pocket gun hitting the market is quickly sold out and that the demand for 380 handguns continues to grow. And that's the core of the problem--demand far exceeds supply and that causes shortages and outrages prices.

Before we share sources for 380 ACP ammo, you need to understand that it is currently the most sought after ammo in the marketplace. Every owner of a 380 ACP pocket gun, be it a Ruger LCP or Kahr P380, needs ammo for range work and self-defense carry. It means that the price of 380 ACP will be high and that your window of opportunity for getting any available stock will be small.

You must accept the fact that buying 380 ACP ammo will be expensive and that there is no way around that. If you find 380 ACP--buy it! If you hesitate, you'll lose the opportunity and next time, you'll find that the cost is even higher. Be willing to pay since without ammo your little pocket gun is useless.

Now for the sources of 380 ACP ammo. For range work, any type of decent ammo will work and the most common type to seek is FMJ. You will be surprised to know that Wal-Mart carries different types of low end ammo, which works great at the range. Start by visiting a local Wal-Mart to see what ammo they carry and when they get shipments. See if the clerk will be willing to put 1-2 boxes aside for you (don't be greedy) or if they are willing to give you a call when stock arrives. Be very nice about it since you are asking for a favor. Sports stores also stock ammo and places like Big 5 or in some places The Sport Authority can surprise you with a small supply of 380 ACP ammo.

The next place to seek 380 ACP ammo is at a gun show. There's a high likelihood that some vendors or private individuals will have the ammo you need but they will charge you for it. The extra premium covers their cost and a small profit since whatever they sell you will be hard to replace. Stay away from cheap Russian brands that may appear as "bargains". A 380 ACP ammo with steel case and corrosive powder from an unknown source might damage your handgun and your health. Be sure of the origin and be willing to pay a bit more for Winchester white box ammo or any other well-known maker. There's a very good chance that you will also find self-defense 380 ACP ammo at the gun show but be willing to pay anything from $50 to $100 for premium Law Enforcement Only ammo such as the Winchester Ranger 90gr self-defense load.

The final place to get 380 ACP ammo is online and you need to be very careful here. Since 380 ACP ammo is hard to find and people get desperate, it's a cheaters paradise and you want to be sure you are not on the receiving end. Don't believe something you know is too-good-to-be-true and don't deal with absolute strangers. Rather, go to reputable auction sites such as GunBroker and check out the ammo auction section.

Try the big online ammo vendors such as Cabela's, Sportsman's Guide and AmmoToGo. There are smaller places that sell ammo and you can locate them through referrals from gun forums. Just be sure to know who you are dealing with and what, if any, restrictions your state has on buying ammo out of state.

380 ACP ammo continues to be at very high demand and supply isn't catching up. This problem isn't going to resolve itself any time soon. If you bought a 380 ACP pocket handgun and now desperately need ammo for it, use the information in this article and you ought to get what you need. If you are thinking of buying a pocket 380 ACP, be sure you can get ammo for it prior to, or during, the sale. Remember that every day more 380 ACP handguns are sold and that demand continues to rise. On the other hand, ammo supply remains very tight as supply can't meet the growing demand. If you see an opportunity, jump on it, and you'll be able to utilize that little bundle of steel you bought for self-defense.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert!