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How do you get "Shiney Stainless"?

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I like blued best, but how do you give a stainless revolver a shinier finish? Can you do it with out power tools?
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You may be very experienced with a Dremel.But my wife got me one for Christmas with all the goodies in a nice big plastic carry case.Everyone else it seemed bought me accessory's which I already had but Im a pack rat any way.My first Polish attempt was a piece of my wifes silver ware.I used the polish compound and the recommended tools.Needless to say I made a mess,it looked worse where I polished than it did else where.I still lack on the polishing part,but Im getting better.I could use some advice on Polishing??And would appreciate it.But Ive found the Dremeel to be the best tool to have for the gun owner.I ground out a small notch on my two Romanian SAR-1 AK's and I can now use the flip up safety to hold the Bolt open.BTW thanks for any info anyone can provide on polishing with a Dremel?

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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