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How do you get "Shiney Stainless"?

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I like blued best, but how do you give a stainless revolver a shinier finish? Can you do it with out power tools?
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I have prepped guns for bluing without a wheel and they were very shiney. I used progressively finer grits of emory paper starting with about 400 going to 1000. 'I shoe shined' the round areas like barrel, etc and used a piece of window glass on the bench with the emory cloth on it and moved the flat parts on the emory. I prepared the parts for this stage with a fine file to remove knicks before polishing. I didn't round off any flats or eliminate any of the lettering like it so often done by someone in a hurry on the wheel. Try it on an area under the grips, see how it works for you. Wish I had a digital camera........
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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