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How accurate is a stock ruger 10/22?

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I just got my ruger 10/22 shooting right and I have just got to sighting it in . I cant get much better than 2 inch groups with a factory stainless barell and a target hammer. I have been shooting at 50 yards with all types of ammo and I got a best group of 2 inches any suggestions to help tighten groups without puting too much money into my gun?:rapid:
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humm I dont know how I missed that It is one of the first things on the page......Guess Im looking too hard??? is that a bug on the screen......Ok it sounds pretty cool, But shouldn't you need a witness initials on the target(for those who may cheat) or is this a trust thing.
damm this means I have to change my zero... Oh well just 8 clicks on the target knob... I need more exercise Im getting tired just thinking about it> :lol:
halfMOA. These contest are on the honor system. It is based on each shooters own integrity. I can check group sizes by using proportion ratios. If I catch someone cheating he will be banned from competition. Its a great bunch we have here, I don't think we will have that problem. This is for fun anyways, not for money or prizes. It is to make each shooter better, by learning. I've been shooting longer than many have been alive. I'm still learning, and improving. Hope you enter the contest. I learned a lot today at the range. Tomorrow I will be a better shooter than I was today.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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