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How accurate is a stock ruger 10/22?

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I just got my ruger 10/22 shooting right and I have just got to sighting it in . I cant get much better than 2 inch groups with a factory stainless barell and a target hammer. I have been shooting at 50 yards with all types of ammo and I got a best group of 2 inches any suggestions to help tighten groups without puting too much money into my gun?:rapid:
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Hi Im new to the board. When my 10/22 was stock I had no problem hitting shotgun shells at 100 yards with a 2.5-10X tasco varmet scope. I recentley got a Hogue stock, VC extractor (you need one), and a Butler creek Carbon Barrell. Now I can hit asprin and SG primers at the 100 mark off a bipod. I was about to throw my ruger to the dogs because it kept having jamming probs. I cleaned the hell out of it, took apart the magizine and cleaned it also. Then I saw a article on the jamming 10/22's on another board and they reccomended the VC exact edge extractor and what a difference. The only jam I had was the mags fault because I shot so many times that it got gummed up. WD-40 fixed that. I love my ruger and would not part from it. :sniper:
Do you have a event of somesort? How does it work. I need to practice on the target. I am much better at hitting odd objects than targets. I get board of hitting paper and go for things I pick up during the "range cold" like bullets and sg shells. What target do you use. and where is the competation held. I am in Florida.
humm I dont know how I missed that It is one of the first things on the page......Guess Im looking too hard??? is that a bug on the screen......Ok it sounds pretty cool, But shouldn't you need a witness initials on the target(for those who may cheat) or is this a trust thing.
damm this means I have to change my zero... Oh well just 8 clicks on the target knob... I need more exercise Im getting tired just thinking about it> :lol:
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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