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How accurate is a stock ruger 10/22?

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I just got my ruger 10/22 shooting right and I have just got to sighting it in . I cant get much better than 2 inch groups with a factory stainless barell and a target hammer. I have been shooting at 50 yards with all types of ammo and I got a best group of 2 inches any suggestions to help tighten groups without puting too much money into my gun?:rapid:
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Hey Mallardsx2, I bought a synthetic stock, blued model. The cheapest one on the shelf. Took it dog hunting. Sighting it in at about 45 yards it shot an inch group. I about fell over cause I didn't expect that from an out of the box 10/22. Past experience with them has been 2" or there about. It was iffy to hit a blackbird at 30 yards.
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