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How accurate is a stock ruger 10/22?

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I just got my ruger 10/22 shooting right and I have just got to sighting it in . I cant get much better than 2 inch groups with a factory stainless barell and a target hammer. I have been shooting at 50 yards with all types of ammo and I got a best group of 2 inches any suggestions to help tighten groups without puting too much money into my gun?:rapid:
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I have a stainless 10/22 with the Black Synthetic stock with no mods. I have a Simmons 3x9x40 scope with Weaver see through mounts. I shoot plain old Winchester Wildcats and I get about 2" groups @ 50 yards. If I shoot CCI Green Tags (match ammo) it goes down to about 1.5" @ 50 yards. I use this rifle for hunting and mainly shoot CCI Stingers. I have another 22LR that is a tack driver with the CCI Green Tags and it is a plain ole Marlin 60. I will try to post a pic of both to the gallery. This is my first post on this forum and I have gained a lot of info and everyone seems eager to help each other. Keep up the good work.

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