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Last October ('21) I bought an old Westernfield pump shotgun to toy with. It was missing some springs and had a bad mag follower which jammed up the action, yet the previous owners kept pumping away, wearing down the cartridge cut-off. Replaced and hand-filed some parts, runs very smooth now!
Sky Cloud Plant Sleeve Air gun

I shortened the barrel to 18.5 and shortened the LOP on the stock, adding a Pachmayr Decel pad. Refinished and Tru-Oiled the wood.
Skeet shooting Sky Air gun Sleeve Trigger

I recently began itching for a Mossberg 590 Shockwave but Sportsmans won't sell them new in Arizona. Weird...
So I decided to make one myself.
Got a Remington 870 Raptor Grip from Shockwave themselves, needed some fitting, but it fits great.
Wood Finger Household hardware Thumb Auto part

Added a Pachmayr grip sleeve to that. Then wondered about the forend strap. Found some on the web, but didn't want to spend +$45 for a piece of leather.
Then I took my dog for a walk and found someone dropped a gorgeous thick nylon strap, it even had good color! Went to Home Depot and got some hardware. Voila!
Wood Gas Metal Leather Fashion accessory

Not too bad for a 50+ year old broken shotgun and less than $175 spent!
Musical instrument Office supplies Wood Tool Font
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