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Home Defense Handgun

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I am currently looking to buy my first handgun. It's purpose would be to defend my home from intruders. It should have enough knock down power for that reason, but I also want my wife to be able to use it. If that's a factor.

Neither one of us have any experience with handguns. I grew up in Germany, where the only guns you're allowed to have... are pellet guns. So once we purchase this gun, I would like to take some sort of class with my wife, to really know what we're doing. Wonder if there is a class for home defense out there!?

Another factor is that my budget is rather small right now, since the economy in CA is still bottoming out. Which is another reason to get some sort of home defense. You never know when one of those crack heads decides that there's gotta be something of value in your house...

Any suggestions on what to buy? I'm looking forward to your responses!!

TheGermanGuy :sniper:

God bless America!!
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Yes, they do tell the whole story, if there is ENOUGH of them. NASA did a test wherein a 5 gr plastic disk was fired at 1.5" thick hardened aluminum armor plate, at something like 14000 fps. It blew a 1.5" wide hole clear thru it.

In the early 70's, the LEAA tested the ORIGINAL Glaser 9mm ammo. It was 96 grs, at an honest 1850 fps. That's 750 ft lbs, from the 5" barrel if the very compact Browing High Power. 600 ft lbs is nothing much,really. It's just 90 grs at 1750 fps. No strain at all for the 9x23 Dillion, for instance.

If you'd prefer a 350 ft lb 45, it's because you lack experience at shooting animals with such loads. I have shot them, by the score, with many different loads. The only man with ENOUGH real experience at shooting men with handguns, NYPD Stakeout Specialist Jim Cirillo, agrees with me about ft lbs and violent expansion, as vs heavy, slow, large bullets. Jim was in something like 17 shootouts, and witnessed his partners kill another half a dozen men, back in the 60's. He sat in on literally hundreds of stakeouts, wherein over 150 armed robbers were captured or killed, all in Harlem, all black. The NAACP made NYPD stop such stakeouts, even tho it was black merchants who were being robbed and killed by such monsters. sometimes, the same guy or guys were robbing the same store twice a day!

30+ years ago, Jeff Cooper was getting a 90 gr jhp to over 2000 fps in a 6" barreled .38 super. He did so by using shortened223 cases. With today's better powders, fully supported barrels, and the thinner case (more powder) of the 9x23 Win case, this can be done in a 5" barrel. Mag Safe has offered a 64 gr bullet, at 2100 fps in 4" barreled 357 Sigs, for many years now. THV Arcane offered a 60 gr .45, at 2200 fps, over 20 years ago. They achieved this by having a very short, very pointy brass slug, with a very large, deep hollowbase.
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To add a different twist to the recommendations here, my WIFE shoots an SP-101 in 357, it is similar to the GP-100 you are looking at, she can handle that revolver just fine. Make sure your lady can handle the trigger pull.

Edit, Oh ya, she is 5'3" tall and weighs 105 soaking wet.

P.S. If it is strictly for “home” defense, buy a shorter barrel for your shotgun. Use that. You can interchange when you want to go to the trap range.
I recently just picked up a Rossi .38special revolver. I just love the simplicity (and the price $100.00) The gun is like new. I have shot just over 100 rounds and tried magsafe rounds 125+p rounds and they were very accurate.

I have to agree with the revolver folks with simplicity etc. I started the opposite of everyone for I started with a glock22 .40s&w and a Springfield 1911. If I had to choose one I would choose my springfield, but for simplicity etc. the revolver is great.

I bring the brash and flash

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