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Home Defense Handgun

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I am currently looking to buy my first handgun. It's purpose would be to defend my home from intruders. It should have enough knock down power for that reason, but I also want my wife to be able to use it. If that's a factor.

Neither one of us have any experience with handguns. I grew up in Germany, where the only guns you're allowed to have... are pellet guns. So once we purchase this gun, I would like to take some sort of class with my wife, to really know what we're doing. Wonder if there is a class for home defense out there!?

Another factor is that my budget is rather small right now, since the economy in CA is still bottoming out. Which is another reason to get some sort of home defense. You never know when one of those crack heads decides that there's gotta be something of value in your house...

Any suggestions on what to buy? I'm looking forward to your responses!!

TheGermanGuy :sniper:

God bless America!!
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German Guy,

The best handgun loads unfortunately pale in comparison to carbine rounds or shotgun loads. That being said, the wheelgun is great for beginners IF it has good sights. Some of them are too hard to see and index well.

I use a .45 (200gr +) or a 9mm (124gr only), but usually grab a 12 or a .223 when something seems wrong around here.

As for a wheelgun, Taurus makes VERY comfortable .357s - I'd buy one but stoke it with .38 Specials (maybe +Ps, maybe not).

My mother uses a snubbie .38 loaded with 125gr. XTP hollowpoints and I don't hear he complaining... hits what she points it at.

My preference in any caliber is to get the best shooting round first (accuracy is a fickle thing) and the hardest hitting round second. I'd rather score a hit with a .22LR with CCI Stingers than miss with a 240gr SWC from a .44 Magnum.

Good luck -

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1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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