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Holographic sights on Mini14

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I am new to this site. I purchased a mini 14 from Accuracy systems in CO. I want to add a holographic sight and give it to my 75 YO dad for the farm. He has a hard time with regular scopes. Any Advice?
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Welcome kthornton. About the only advice I can give on the Red dot sights, is get a shock proof one, as the mini has a reputation as a scope wrecker. I don't believe a $49 BSA will last very long. I put a muzzle brake, shock buffer, and smaller gas port bushing on my mini. It greatly reduced recoil. Now since you got your mini from A.S. I don't know what they have already done to your mini.

Sorry I can't give you a recommendation on a specific sight, but maby a few tips from articles, and some I have looked at, at gun shows: If a Red dot says 3 MOA, means the dot will cover 3" of your target at 100 yds. Most have adjustable light intensity adj, for day/ night use, some have adjustable dot sizes. Another thing to consider is battery life, battery cost, and availablity. Others in this forum, have used them, and will give you more info.
That sounds good. Mil-spec is rugged. If you have a link for the sight, post it so we can check it out.:)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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