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Hold On To Your Hats!!!

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Hey ya'll,
Here are some pics of my personal Mini 14 that I finished a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, its a pre-ban with a factory folding stock.

I cut the barrel and soldered on a Vortex flash supressor so that the total length of barrel and supressor is 16.5". I installed my Tactical Flashlight Mount, Tactical Extended Mag Release and Side Mount Sling Swivels (available soon).

The STAINLESS STEEL Mini is coated with GunKote, one of the most durable finishes on the market. The stock is finished with textured TuffKote.

I find that shortening the barrel and adding the Vortex flash supressor adds rigidity to the barrel and will shrink group sizes.

For more examples of my gunsmithing, go to
The Flashlight Mount and Extended Mag Release are available on this site as well.

Thanks for looking. I really enjoy building these.

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Close up of the Vortex flash supressor, Tactical Flashlight Mount and side mount sling swivel.
Close up of the STAINLESS STEEL Mini coated with black satin GunKote. Note the wood stock finished with textured TuffKote. TuffKote works great on fiberglass stocks too. Also a good view of my Tactical Extended Mag Release.
TuffKote is "not exactly" the same as spray on truck bed liner, but its not far off either.
Gun Kote for a Mini runs $200 + $15 shipping. I coat all parts, including the little roll pins. OK, I don't coat the springs cause I don't like baking the springs.

You are usually looking at about a 3 week turnaround. I try to stay on top of things cause you don't want your stuff sitting in a corner of my shop gathering dust any more than I do.

I just finished up a couple of more Minis and I have to say the Ultimak rail is the best I've ever seen. More pics at The Arms Room
I've been adding new pages/stuff to the webpage. The Mini page is done, but check back for some other new pics.


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