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Hogue stock

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Hey guys Does the Hogue stock for the Mini 14 have to be bedded or can you use them as they come from store? if not whats the reason for bedding, and how do you bed them? thanks!
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I bedded my Hogue. It tightened my average group size by 3/4", and got rid of the flyers. The web site is confusing, as it talks about alum piller bedding included. This is for bolt guns only. If your happy with the way it shoots, then don't bed, but if you want tighter groups, and no strays, bed it. If you drop your trigger group, and wiggle the receiver in the stock side to side, I bet it moves. This is how much it can move while firing. I've read an article, that .010" movement can change your point of aim an inch at 100 yds. This goes for any stock, I don't care who makes it! ;)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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