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Hogue stock

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Hey guys Does the Hogue stock for the Mini 14 have to be bedded or can you use them as they come from store? if not whats the reason for bedding, and how do you bed them? thanks!
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I bought a Hogue for mine and finally listened to everyones advice to check for movement and bed the rifle. With the rubber overcoat and the trigger assembly snaped down I didn't think it could move, but take it out and hold the rifle upside down and it will move. At least mine did.
Anyway, long story short. bought the tape, bedded the rifle and got better groups.

The hardest part was breaking the gas bock lose the first time. I stripped a screw and had to drill the head off. I think a couple others had that problem and there is a post on how to fix that, lots of ways to get the screw out besides drilling. Clark even sells gas blocks the take off peoples guns that they rebarrel if it really goes bad. There like 20.00, nothing major.
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