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hogue forend liner?

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I have been a lurker for a while and have to say this is a great forum! I picked up a hogue for my mini and have a question about the fit of the forend liner. Mine seems to move when the weapon is broken down for cleaning. It does not securely stay in postion. Is there a way to get it to stay? I don't think will move with the weapons assembled, but I would like it to stay put.


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Welcome to the forum runner.

My forearm liner wouldn't stay latched in my Hogue either. So I latched it in place, and drilled a straight 3/32 dia pilot hole, 3/8" deep thru the liner, and the first ridge on the stock, (most aft) between the upright guide posts. Then opened the hole thru the forearm liner ONLY to 9/64". I then latched liner back into place, and installed a button head #6 screw wood screw 3'8" long. Its now solid as a rock, but if I want to remove it just take out the screw.

In this location it does not interfere with the slide rod. I would advise you to make a drill stop using masking tape around the drill so you won't accidently drill thru the stock. It works for me. :D
I got a new camera, so I hope a picture will save me 1,000 words.


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Sorry guys, my slide rod just hit the button head screw, causing my bolt not to go rearward the last .1" or so. Am countersinking the hole, and using a #6 flush screw. So bolt will lock, and rounds will feed.

Has it been this long that I haven't fired my mini? Well thats gonna change!
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