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High Capacity Magazines

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I have a Mini-30 with just ONE LOUSY 5RD MAG LOL! I'd REALLY like to buy some high capacity magazines. I was wondering:

1. What brands are reliable?
2. What brands should I avoid?
3. Should I get 20 rd or 30 rd mags?
4. Where should I buy them?

I feel like there's a limited supply that is dwindling everyday. I put off buying hi caps a while back and now most websites say they're sold out... Help a brotha out!
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There are only two brands of mags that work properly with the mini-14 the first is Ruger the second is PMI (Precision Mag Industries) if you use anything else be prepared for problems.
You can get PMI's in 30 and 40 round blue or stainless, with the 40's you may need to assist the first round into the chamber but after that they rock! I found a source that still has availibility at a decent price good luck and don't waste your money on any other brand!:rapid:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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