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High Capacity Magazines

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I have a Mini-30 with just ONE LOUSY 5RD MAG LOL! I'd REALLY like to buy some high capacity magazines. I was wondering:

1. What brands are reliable?
2. What brands should I avoid?
3. Should I get 20 rd or 30 rd mags?
4. Where should I buy them?

I feel like there's a limited supply that is dwindling everyday. I put off buying hi caps a while back and now most websites say they're sold out... Help a brotha out!
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Go to and look at what magazines they have to offer. I purchased 10 mags 30 rds...SS 40 rds....and only had one feed problem...loaded that particular magazine with another 10 rds. and didn't have a problem...they are very affordable...and lock into my Mini-14 .223 very well. I figured I wouldn't lose much money with the blue 30 rds. going for about $9.95 and the and the SS 40 rds. mags going for $19.95....I never load the 40 rd. mags with over 30-35 rounds...and the 30 rd. mags with 20-25 rounds...but in the case of something major occuring...I would load the full capacity, if it wasn't going to set full for a very long period at a time.

Have fun plinking...that's why I bought the Wolf ammo anyway. I figured most of the military stuff would be going in support of the war on terrorism for a few years...and I was's beginning to be rare to see it for sale.

:rapid: :usa:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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