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Hi cap. mags in California

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Another question about my magazines I forgot to ask in my last post: Are they legal to use in California (they are 20's and 30's)? They are pre-ban, made before 9/14/94. Or are they banned regardless of date of manufacture? Forgive my ignorance, but I'm not up to snuff on these laws because I've never owned a semi-auto rifle. Does anyone know if they are legal in Oregon, where I'll be moving to in a few years?
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Rex, I would encourage you, and everyone else, to read your states laws for your self, both parts 1, and 2 (57 pages). Besides the Federal, and Calif state laws, you may also be bound by Municipal laws, which may be more severe, than Fed, or state.

Your question has been asked many times in this forum, my answer is; to stay out of prison, know the law! My brother is a prison guard in Colorado, he says some of the most popular books they read are law books.

The gun laws are absurd, but we are bound to them none the less. If one chosses to ignore them he may pay a high price. The old saying ignorance of the law is no excuse applies. Check out this link for state, and municipal gun laws:

Federal Gun laws:
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