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Hi cap. mags in California

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Another question about my magazines I forgot to ask in my last post: Are they legal to use in California (they are 20's and 30's)? They are pre-ban, made before 9/14/94. Or are they banned regardless of date of manufacture? Forgive my ignorance, but I'm not up to snuff on these laws because I've never owned a semi-auto rifle. Does anyone know if they are legal in Oregon, where I'll be moving to in a few years?
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well, u know.. some people collect stamps. some collect comic books, and some collect HI-CAP MAGS:).

you could have a whole Collection of HI-CAP mags in your possession BEFORE u decided to buy the rifle Post Y2K.
actually, i'm not joking. i personally know someone in my gunclub who bought hi-caps for mini 14's, mini 30's, M1carbines, m14's, Fal's, glocks, beretta, HKs,ETC.... and he bought ALOT.

he didnt start buyign the rifles/handguns til after Y2K.

and No, he doesnt have a receipt for the Mags. all cash n' carry at the gunshow.

and i am sure, alot of people in Kommunist Kalifornia had the same idea. buy the hi cap mags now, In CASE i decide to buy the rifle/gun later.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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