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Here is a list of gun magazines and folding stocks that I have available for sale. Inside the ( ) is the name of the manufacture of each magazine. The following are all pre-ban and unused (STILL NEW) unless stated otherwise.


Beretta 92F FACTORY 15rds (never used) $50
Beretta 92F Military 15rds $40 <---------used
Beretta 92F Nickle/SS 15rd (MecGar) $40
Beretta 92F Nickle/SS 20rd (MecGar) $75
Beretta 92F 9mm 15rds (Western Metal Products) $13
Browning HP 9mm 13rd (Western Metal Products) $13
Browning HP 9mm 17rd (S. African - Flush Fit) $25
Browning HP 9mm Nickle/SS 15rd (MecGar -- Flush Fit) $40<----sold out
Browning BDM 15rd FACTORY $80 <--used in 80%
Ruger P-Series 9mm 15rd (USA Magazines) $15
Ruger P-Series 9mm 18rd (Ramline - flush fit) $22
Sig226 15rd Nickle (Factory) $50 <------- sold out
Sig226 15rd SS (USA Magazines) $15
S&W 9mm 15rds (Western Metal Products) $13
S&W 9mm 15rd (MecGar - OEM for S&W) $25
S&W 9mm 17rd (MecGar - OEM for S&W- flush fit) $28
S&W 9mm FACTORY 14rd and 15rd SS $30 <-------- these are used
S&W 9mm FACTORY 20rd (for compact 6900/469 seris or Marlin Camp 9) $40 <---sold out
Taurus 92/99 15rds 9mm (Western Metal Products) $13
Taurus 92/99 18rds 9mm (Ramline -- flush fit) $22

30rd magazines for any of the above (Western Metal Products) $17

Ruger 40cal P-Series 11rd FACTORY (still on card) $25
HK USP 9mm 15rd FACTORY $85 <------3 left!!
HK USP 40cal 13rd FACTORY $85 <----2 left!!
CZ75 15rd 9mm FACTORY $45 <------- 3 left
Cobray 32rd M12 380cal (Western Metal Products) - $28
Glock 17 DF,FML 17rd FACTORY $80 <-- sold out
Glock 17 17rd all polymer (C&C/ProMag --- works best with 15rds) $15
Glock 19 15rd all polymer (C&C/Promag --- works best with 13rds) $15
Glock 30rd 9mm all metal (Western Metal Products) $18
Glock 33rd 9mm all polymer (Scherer) $85
Glock 31rd 40cal all polymer (Scherer) $85
Glock 17 Factory NDF w/factory +2 bottoms $60 <------ these are used
Glock 19 Factory NDF $50 <-------these are used
Glock 21 Factory NDF $70 <-------these are used
Scherer +2 bases for DF Glock 9/40cal hi-cap mags (2 per pack) $8 pack
USGI 45cal 7rd mags NIW $7
Factory Browning Buckmark 10rd new in box $20


Ruger 10/22

25rd single stack Hot Lips (Butler Creek) $50
25rd single stack Steel Lips (Butler Creek) $85
25rd single stack Steel Lips (Condor) $80
30rd single stack w/cleanout trap door on bottom (Eagle) $55
30rd double stack (Ramline) $50
50rd double stack (Ramline) $90
10rd Factory (rotary mag) $10


30rd Olites (refurbished) $15

30rd Alum. (USA Magazines) $9

30rd Steel (Triple K) $12

30rd USGI (Various US Military Mags) $18 <------------ these are used

20rd USGI w/alloy followers (Adv./Universal) $20 <----- these are used

40rd steel (Western Metal Products) $15


75rd Russian Drums (new) $125

55rd steel banana mag (USA Magazines) $40


20rd blue FACTORY RUGER (no box but new) $90 ----- 1 left

20rd blue (Western Metal Products) $13

20rd nickle (Western Metal Products) $14<-- sold out

30rd blue (Western Metal Products) $15

30rd SS NIW (Precission Mag Ind.) $35 <-------SOLD OUT

30rd SS (USA Magazines) $20

40rd blue (Western Metal Products) $17

40rd nickle (Western Metal Products) $18

40rd Thermold (D&D North Carolina) $40 <--sold out


18rd smoked polymer (Eagle/Millet) $15 <-- sold out

20rd blue (Western Metal Products) $15 <-- sold out

30rd blue (Western Metal Products) $17


20rd (Western Metal Products) $15

30rd (Western Meatal Products) $18 <----SOLD OUT

20rd (Polytech - Chinese - exact copy of USGI mag with solid lockup) $38

HK 91

20rd (Western Metal Products) $15

30rd (Western Metal Products) $12 <--- CLOSEOUT - while they last

20rd Contract Military - alum w/chrome follower (FMP) $35


40rd Steel (Factory?) $60


30rd detachable (USA Magazines) $22


USAS 10rd 12ga mag (Factory) $45

Folding Stocks by Butler Creek pre-ban still in unopened packages

10/22 blue $80
10/22 SS $85
Mini-14 blue $80
Mini-14 SS $85

Butler Creek 10/22 magazine loaders -- new in package $25
Butler Creek 10/22 extended magazine releases $4 <-sold out

Shipping Hi-Cap magazines ONLY where LEGAL.
Shipping is $3.55 for up to 5 magazines. Over 5 magazines is a flat $5 for any amount. Shipping is INCLUDED for the folding stocks.

Money orders or Paypal (verified account is same as my email) accepted.

Thanks for looking.

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