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OK - Sorry if this is a noob type question, but I know almost nothing about optics. I just bought a Sight Mark triple duty 1-6X24 riflescope. SM13021CDX

From the Sight Mark website:


• precision accuracy
• adjustment lock
• circle dot duplex reticle
• wide field of view
• precision multi-coated optics
• internal lit reticle
• 1/2" locking moa
• easy focusing knob
• side diopter adjustment
• lightweight
• waterproof
• shockproof

URL: Triple Duty M4 1-6x24 CDX (SM13021CDX) | Sightmark

I have a 187 series Ruger Mini-14 with the factory folding stock I would like to utilize this on, but not sure if this scope will take the pounding, or even if it is the right choice for tactical SHTF type of work.

Or...I could mount it on my Ruger 10/22 - I thought this might be the best option.

I bought it because I got a great price on it and hoped it would fit the needs of one of these rifles, not because I thought it was the best scope brand available.

TIA in advance for any advise as to its proper use.


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Hi Rob,

I would put that scope on the 10-22 and get another optic for the Mini. It looks to be great for the fast acquisition game and should serve you well on the 22.

For the Mini, I prefer a scout set up of some sort on the older series Mini's because the only way to mount a traditional scope is to have one of those B-Sqaure mounts. That mount puts the scope up to high and requires the user to have a chin type weld to view through the optic.

Using a scout mount like Amega Ranges, Ultimak, etc. and a red dot or long eye relief optic makes the optic at the right height (no chin weld, a proper cheek weld). This also makes it possible for the user to keep both eyes open which is better for tactical type situations when/if new targets need to be acquired/dispatched in quick order. If you're on a budget I would recommend the Hi/Lux-Leatherwood 2-7x32mm L.E.R scout scope. I have one on another rifle and am blown away with what you get for the price. Glass is comparable to my Nikons and the turrets aren't mushy.

Leatherwood / Hi-Lux Optics 2-7x32mm Long Eye Relief Riflescope LER27X32 FREE S&H LER27X32. Leatherwood Rifle Scopes.
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