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Help Identify this Shotgun

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I have an old 20 Gauge Shotgun I need help Identifying. Its marked ROBUST #222 on bottom, Right side is Marked MANUFRANCE-SAINT-ETIENNE, Left Side is marked FUSIL ROBUST BREVETE S G D G. Any Ideas on what this is? Its missing all of the stock and I would like to replace and make a Wall Hanger out of this. Will any other models fit this gun. Appreciate any help anybody can give.:confused:
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Well man Mas or manufacture d armes d saint etienne is very well known and famous arms producer, like mas ww2 rifle series, it also made, FAMAS assault
rifle (fusil automatique manufacturre d armes d saint etienne) which was and is currently used with the French army and French foreign legion (Legion Etrengere)
and there is also MAB manufacturre d armes d Bayonne. both are very old and known and especially MAS.
i really can not be sure and know which shotgun that is , but i can tell you that MAS is renomated firearm producer, and i am sure what MAS means.

Hope this will help
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