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Hi there,

I just found this place looking for information on the Ruger 10/22 and Mini 14 both of which I have recently acquired. I just moved to WA from the PR of Kalifornia so decided it was time to properly pursue my second passion :)

I'm ex British forces (yes, a bloody redcoat!!) but don't hold that against me as I've gone native :cool: and it was a long time ago...

Favorite weapon for me is 'the Gat' or the standard British issue of the semi-auto FN, otherwise know as the L1A1 Self Loading Rifle. I'd love to own one, but with the price of ammo, platform and my realistic needs, I probably can't justify it.

Really looking forward to getting to know the Mini 14 a lot better... next purchase planned is a Beretta CX4 Storm in 9mm.
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