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I've been a member of our sister board for quite some time but didn't know this one existed. Proud to find it and to be here.
I'm an old retired electrician, extremely worried about our entire Constitution and especially about our Bill of Rights in the turbulent times. I've been debating, speaking and writing about he Second Amendment publicly since 1965 when the first stench of the GCA68 started to pollute the air. I have never seen things more tense for gun owners than it currently is. I've long preached that the second amendment is the lynch pin that protects all our rights, and right now all of our rights are in extreme jeopardy.
I'm a country boy from birth, a firm believer that Hank Jr. is correct-A country boy will survive, an Okie by heritage, and an always proud American, ready to help put our grand land back on the path to liberty and prosperity.
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