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Have Hurricane Will Travel

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I may be off line for a while as Huricane Lili is heading straight here! I only live 9 ft above sea level, so tomorrow I may be loading up the important stuff: my mini, my 10/22's, ammo reloading stuff, and this computer. For those of you that pray please do, and for the rest of you wish us luck.:D
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I'm alive! :D Thanks for the prayers & well wishes. It was so late getting things buttoned down, and packed up we couldn't leave, so we just hunkered down. Lili hit a cold spot at the last minute, droping it from 145 mph to 100mph before it hit land. The eye missed us by 50 mi to the east, so wind was only 30-60mph here. Knocked down some trees, power lines, and a few tornados east of us, with minor flooding. We dodged a bullet. Am glad its over :D
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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