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Have Hurricane Will Travel

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I may be off line for a while as Huricane Lili is heading straight here! I only live 9 ft above sea level, so tomorrow I may be loading up the important stuff: my mini, my 10/22's, ammo reloading stuff, and this computer. For those of you that pray please do, and for the rest of you wish us luck.:D
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I was living outside of Houston when Alisia <sp> hit & we were without electricity for ten days. No well water. The wife & kids I had at the time thought I was nuts, when it began rainning I'd grab a bar of soap & run outside to shower. It didn't take long for them to join me. I wish you the best of luck. Nature sucks sometimes.

PSG1---Had a guy about ten miles down the road who had a house trailer surrounded by a bunch of tall pines. A tornado came thru & twisted off the tops of those pines & never even touched the house trailer. what a mess! A friend had a machine shop & behind it was a trailer park. A tornado blew out the side of his shop & completely demolished the trailers behind him. As I remember a young girl was killed in one of the trailers. I lost seventeen pines just from the wind, no tornado. I'd been thru a lot of typhoons in the Pacific & my biggest problem was keeping my family from loosing it. Let's hope everyone down there gets out alright.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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