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Have a question about Scope on Mini 14

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Hi All,

Well I am happy to report that I now am the proud owner of a new Stainless Ranch Mini 14 with a synthetic stock. I could not be happier!!! I went shooting with my brother and was amazed at how wonderful this little gun is and a what a pleasure it is to shoot.

For an early Christmas present my wife got me a beautiful Leupold silver finish compact scope 3-9 x 33 for my Mini. I am having mounted this weekend. I am going to have it bore sighted when it is installed. Dialing it in will be a new experience for me.

I am not very familure with scoped weapons so I have a few questions. I am wondering about cleaning the Mini 14 once the scope has been mounted. Hope these questions don't sound too stupid.

1. Can you field strip the Mini 14 without removing the scope.

2. If you do need to remove the scope to clean the weapon do you have to have it bore sighted again and dial it in again each time?

Also any advice anyone might have on fine tuning/dialing in my new scope would be a great help.

Thanks in advance for the help!!!!

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The receiver pulls UP out of the stock, so the scope shouldn't interfere with that process.

That being said, you shouldn't have to pull the receiver out of the stock that often.

Now that it is your new rifle, I would pull it apart, and use Tetra grease on all the moving parts, especially those under the stock and handguard. Grease up the op rod, anywhere it can potentially touch the stock and barrel. Coat the metal liberally, although a stainless model doesn't need as much protection as a blued or parkerized rifle.

Be sure to remove all the factory oil (if any!) before using Tetra grease. You don't have to go ape on it, but wipe it down with a dry cloth or possibly denatured alcohol if you really want it dry, then grease it up.

Get Tetra into the trigger group. With my Garands (that have a similar trigger group) I take the trigger group apart, and coat every piece with a fine layer of Tetra grease.

Mini-14's, like Garands, are better GREASED than oiled. The lubrication protection will last longer, and be more effective. I used Tetra GREASE in my Garands, and used it when I owned a Mini-14. I used CLP on my AR-15's, as they work best with an oil based lubrication.

But I digress! Just take the opportunity to grease it all up. Put it back together, get the scope mounted, and have fun. Don't take the receiver out of the stock all the time, that affects zero as well.

If you remove the scope, you will have to re-zero. If you get a quick-release mount, then you may be able to put it back on without re-zeroing, but quick release mounts are moderately expensive.
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