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Has anyone seen any new mini 14s lately?

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Has anyone seen any new production mini 14s lately? My gun shop has not been able to get any in months since mid December when this mess got started. Looking for a standard Ranch wood blue and a tactical with full stock.

Also, I have read threads on the board that says that Ruger's QC is out the
window because they are making guns to fast. Any truth to that?

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Hey Texan.. is your Big 5 actually displaying them? Ours down here havent been putting out any semi autos on their shelves
Nope. They're just going down the waiting lists. Same thing when mine came in.

They do have some .22LR semis on display, but nothing worthwhile.
I have one on order all paid for. I am next on list. Meanwhile I an making lots of ammo in 55 Gr but can't charge until the gun gets here.
The main retailer here in norway is getting restocked with minis in June they say. I assume exports aren't high on the waiting list, so that could be a sign that the US market is expected to be restocked by then.

No high capacity magazines here until june either, and no US webshop is willing to send them to me directly. :angry:
TRI70 --- I will ask about the cyro treatment.... (i personally have no idea)
I emailed Ruger with that very question regarding their SS Min-14 barrels and the reply was NO cryo treatment is done by Ruger.
Hellgate, I know they emailed that they did not cryo treat but Ed Harris had stated they did cryo treat mini 14 barrels and firing pins. Since we have someone that may be able to clarify the conflicting info with inside personell, I asked the question to Goony.

I sent this to Ruger CS with the web page to verify.

From Ed Harris;

Some types of stainless, such as used for Mini-14 firing pins and barrels and Redhawk revolver cylinders, would get a nonconventional cryogenic stress relief rather than the usual low temperature (1045-1050 deg F) "bake" to normalize. This, combined with the particular chemistry we used, resulted in firing pins which were file hard but which you could bend into a pretzel shape without any cracks, and barrels you could elevate to cook off temperature with 180 rounds of full auto fire then set up a bullet-in-bore obstruction and fire a proof load in the hot barrel without it bursting. Try THAT with an M16!
Ed Harris on Metallurgy | General gun stuff, Shooting industry |
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I'd love to hear what's happening. I think the original Ed Harris info is pretty old though (several years back).
the answer to the cryo thing is ... no... something about making the barrel too hard to cut, thread... etc etc... as he installs barrels and cuts a groove in the receiver... (for something... my mind went numb as he explained it) and now that i think about it... it would be nearly impossible to shorten and recrown a barrel that had been cryo'ed. Anyway, during our indepth conversation, fuzzy bunnies appeared and chased my dog around the kitchen... seriously... went numb ...
however, various parts and pieces are heat treated and/or hardened... but not to the cryo extreme.
I did think it was a relatively simple yes/no question. I've now got more information than i'll ever need... or ever remember .
Thanks Goony! It answers the question for if we need it or not. The skinny barrels would heat up and string shots real bad, I had mine done and the stringing went away. My new models don't string after barrels warm up, no need to cryo, maybe just better metal.
Forsyth County Pawn (great to deal with) here in Cumming (I promise), GA is where I picked up my all-weather Mini30 back in October. Not only did they have a couple of all-weather Mini-14's on the rack last week, their price was the same as before the panic ($719, as I recall). Jawing with the folks, they report that Ruger's doing a better job of filling orders than just about anyone else, and no reports of loss of quality. Several 10-22's on the wall (where else can you find a basic one for under $200?) and a couple of SR-22's in the pistol case. I'm crazy about my Mini 14 all-weather, btw.
Larrys Pistol and Pawn had some they were selling in the store and on GunBroker. Almost bought the Mini-14 Tactical they had for $900 on GB. I'll wait for prices to drop some more.
New to this forum, but just to let everyone know, JoeBobs gets them in on occasion and discounts them and, includes free shipping. I bought the blue/Syn (have a SS/Syn but blue looks better) which is actually black and both run 100% perfect. $800 delivered to my FFL.
I did get the same answer as Hellgate got from Ruger CS reguarding the cryo treating of barrels and pins.
Hellgate and Tri70,
I have a new 582 tactical with the ATI folder.... the thing is right there.. 50 yds with the iron sight rips up a 50 cent piece.. i put on see thru Weaver mounts and have a Nikon P223 BDC600 on top... through the scope 100 yds is all over the 10x and pounds 4" orange clay birds... cinder block at 430 yds... pieces fly. This my friends is with steel cased Brown Bear HP's... I Love This Gun !!
I bought a Mini 14 Ranch last week from Kittery Trading Post online. They had a few more in stock and the prices were very good.

Kittery Trading Post
As of 5/5, Blue, Wood NIB mini's at Scheels in Sparks/Reno $699 ea.
River City Gun Exchange in Sacramento again has Mini-14's available (5855 black syn or 5801 wood) for 819.95. Ad states prices are good through May 25th.
Whittaker's Guns outside of Owensboro, KY had 6 ea Mini-14 this last week.
Hi, Downeast-
Would like to chat with you about Maine....
I know OP is probably not from CA but I'm gonna go off on a tangent anyways...

If we ban the mini here that will be the biggest tragedy of all. I had bought my mini about 5 years ago because I didnt want an "evil black rifle". I knew the Bullet Button would eventually be challenged and thought I would be safe buying a Mini-14. Nobody in their right mind would take an American classic like that out of the law abiding communities hands. Welp... looks like I was wrong. The only thing that keeps running thru my head is CA has finally gone "full retard"

Thread drift concluded
So true...


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