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To Our most Valuable Customers and Friends:

My family and I would like to wish all of you and your families and loved ones a Great 4th of July. Now is also a time to reflect on what is going on in this Great Country of ours. Also, to realize that our Founding Fathers would have never let what is happening to our Rights and Freedoms take place.

I don't mean to sound like I am telling you how to think or act, but remember there is nothing wrong with Owning and Enjoying Firearms. Let's show the "anti's" that we too are proud and not afraid to let others know we all own guns! Also, always respect the right of other shooters to enjoy his or hers particular type of weapon and shooting fun. "UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL! "

In closing, after you have eaten too much and are relaxing on your computer take a look at our site and the reduced pricing on lot's of things. We have just added ammo and Ultra-Dot Scopes.


Thank you,

Bob Lippman
Lippman Enterprises,Ltd.
P.O. Box 134
Palenville , N.Y. 12463
Fx-208-330-9958(direct toComputer)
[email protected]
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